Stories – A Profoundly Human Characteristic

I have an odd fascination with the concept of stories and narrative. I believe it is one of the most profound aspects of the human experience. Even dating back centuries or millenniums back, our species has a deep connection to stories. It might be as ancient as the discovery of fire itself, if not older. So I find it fitting that the community I find most comfortable after a long search ends up being an astral campground by the great and mysterious Campfire. A truly fitting place to create and share stories.

We humans (and other sentient beings) love our silly little tales. We spun them to explain how the world works, to teach our younglings, to connect with others, to give a sense of comfort, and to inspire or entertain. It is such a versatile tool that we have also used it for malice, to deceive, to scare, to hurt, and to start conflicts. No matter what you believe in or know, your lives are intertwined with narratives.

For the longest time, I find comfort and joy in paying attention to the stories of others. Their joys and sorrows, laughs and tears, and moments of tranquility or chaos. I have watched from the sideline as a spectator, mostly ignoring my own story. However, That couldn't last long since I am running out of paths I could walk ignorantly. I had to start taking control of my story. And it is terrifying, yet exciting. I wish I can write a story worth telling before my time expires.

I just had to get this thought out there in the world and this has been my subconscious view of the world I've come to establish for myself over the years. I will reiterate or elaborate on this idea again in the future, but for now, that should suffice. Let me leave you with a few little thoughts before I leave you to your day again.

How'd you like your life's story so far? Do you feel like you're in control of it? And would you like to keep it that way?

Do share your thoughts with me if you feel like it and until next time, be well my friend.

Yours Truly, Singodimejo