Of Magic and Wonders – Review of “The Librarians” TV Show

There's nothing that tickles my need for contents of magical wonders quite like the show “The Librarian”. I've briefly mentioned before in another platform within the astral realm that it is a favorite TV Show of mine. It follows the story of a team of geniuses selected by a magical library to become librarians tasked to retrieve and secure magical artifacts so that they may not be abused by others for personal gain. Along their journey, they are accompanied by a guardian which was tasked to protect those librarians, be it their physical bodies or their hearts and soul from the temptations or other dangers of magic itself.

The show itself has a mediocre production value, but what it lacks in visual flair, it makes up in worldbuilding. It is one of the more interesting takes on the “hidden magic society” trope though they didn't innovate much or reinvent the wheel but rather played to their strengths and built their own narrative progressively. They managed to create a simple yet elegant magic system that supports the main idea of the story. The world itself seems to also be affected by previous stories, making the world feel more tangible to the audience.

Most of the characters in the main cast have a pretty interesting background and though they're not original, they create quite compelling interactions with each other to create vulnerable moments that are a treat to follow. The way they interact with each other and with the world is also internally consistent, making it a wonderfully satisfying show to watch in my humble opinion.

And the stories itself is full of fun, quirky, and interesting magical phenomenons that keep me wanting more and more. The only “downside” is that there was never a real sense of danger or risk in it. This show has a very cliche approach of “happily ever after” to the endings of their stories. This is one of the things that I liked about the show but I acknowledge that it can make the show unappealing to some.

The show is such a fun experience and I had a blast rewatching the entire thing. I'm still pretty sad that I won't get more of that show. But I am pretty content with where they left the show. Overall, I give the show a 7.5/10 and would recommend it to those who loved “Doctor Who” for its campy adventures and shenanigans. “The Librarians” won't match the writing quality of “Doctor Who”, but it certainly scratches the same itch for me.