Mediocre Media and Me

For the longest time, I've had a soft spot for pieces of media that are considered mediocre to most. I don't like them ironically, I think I'm just pretty easy to please. I can still recognize great pieces of media that deserve to be critically acclaimed, but somehow some of my favorite stuff on screen has been those that don't have much going for them. Some get on my favorite list due to more emotional/sentimental reasons, but some I can't explain away due to pure sentiments.

Most of the pieces of media I have in mind have pretty low dramatical tension or have some sort of predictability to them. It is relaxing to watch something that doesn't get you to feel things that are too stimulating, but rather something that you can watch to comfort yourself with. I feel like these pieces of media are slightly underrated for the function that they serve.

I've recently just binged 5 seasons of the TV Show Sitcom called “The Neighborhood”. The premise of the show was about a white family from Michigan that moved to a predominantly black neighborhood. It is a very light show to watch, and it has most of the things I love about TV shows. It has a solidly written three-dimensional cast of lovable characters interacting and influencing each other to become better people, a lighthearted/corny comedy, a good message to deliver, and your typical sitcom mostly episodic format.

I loved the show so much that I practically watched it every chance I got ever since my finals were finished catching up to date with 5 seasons of it in about 3 days. And when I finished, I wanted to talk about it with other people around me but I can already picture how my friends would react if they ever gave the show a try. Most of them would be indifferent about it. So it got me thinking about other pieces of media that I've personally loved that might not be so hot with my circle of friends and family.

TV shows like “The Librarian”, “Grimm”, or “The Good Place”. Though that last one is actually popular, most of the people around me aren't that impressed by it. “The Intern” is the one movie that keeps popping up in my head whenever people ask me what's my favorite movie, even though I have watched and enjoyed other movies more. These things seem pretty odd choices for favorites, but somehow those are the kinds of pieces of media my mind wanders to when I need to choose a favorite. And I feel bad for being guilty of liking them because they don't hold up to other people's standards.

So in the end, I at least want to show my love and appreciation for those pieces of media in my own way, by blogging about them in a blog built on a corner of the internet that I love though I don't currently share that love with anyone in my IRL circle.

As always, I appreciate any of you that spends some of your time reading this stuff and I wish you well on your journey beyond. Be well, my friend.