Magium – The Fantasy CYOA Mobile App

I believe I found one of a kind mobile game and I would love to share them with you all today. The title of the game is Magium, which follows the story of an average human named Barry in his quest to obtain magic by participating in a continent-wide competition for mages from all over the world. Why? because the main price is access to this mythical “thing” known as Magium, which is only known by the rumors of how powerful and magically potent it is. Our main protagonist, who is obsessed with magic, believes that there is a chance that the Magium can grant him the ability to wield magic which was previously understood as a purely innate birthright of a lucky few in his race. Thus, we follow his daring adventures throughout the competition.

While most mobile CYOA I've seen in the fantasy genre centers more on the game-like mechanics of TTRPGs, making the app more of a decorated turn-based fighting game, Magium feels more like a digitalized CYOA book akin to R.L. Stine's famous “Goosebumps” franchise. The only “game mechanic” you have is some sort of status point system that will determine the success of certain actions, dictating your playstyle and the vibe of the story you get to read. However, due to this project being more similar to novels, there are a lot of constraints on the reader's influence on the story's plot. I do believe those constraints are tolerable as the story itself is quite fun to read.

I am writing about it to show my support for the wonderful game and to expose it to all of you, good people of the interwebs. If you are interested in things like fantasy and would like to try a weird new type of content, I'd recommend this to you. I hope you enjoy them at least as much as I had. Until next time, be well my friend.