Kitchen Sink

A Ballad

A limerick?

Some Words

The hour grows late I contemplate I outta clean some plates

When I hear the fearful tune A drip, drip, drip Of a pipe that's lost it's grip

Peering undertow, curious It surely can't be serious

A loosened screw can be fixed Good as new! Oh, if only I knew What problem had brewed

A clog big as a log Soap and grease now seized Snaked, raked, awkwardly pleased

Here a broken joint needs solder What else could be the bother? Cullet with missing threads At least it's not made of lead Now I find a tattered gasket It all belongs in a battered casket!

Cussing, groaning in song Toolbox proning before long Wrench and hammer join my venture Bring out the torch for good measure

A sigh and wipe the sweat from my eye Last week's dinner: fried fish on rye

Resignation sets in A job I just can't win The hour is late And plates need scrubbed Reduced to this fate Scouring in the tub