Headphones and Handoffs

Kris Holt writes on Engadget...

Google is working on ways to make it easier for folks to switch audio playback to another device when they listen to music or podcasts via Android. The company says it's collaborating with Spotify to let you swiftly move what you're listening to from one Spotify Connect-supported device to another, all from the Android media player.

I mean cool, I guess? But we need industry-wide standards driven by policy to allow for dynamic handoff and cross compatibility between all devices.

AirPods offer an incredible experience when compared to standard Bluetooth headphones. The handoff feature, ease of pairing and general approach to “you just kinda put them on and unlock your phone and it does the thing.” But AirPods pull that off by being incredibly proprietary. Imagine a world where we actually have policy in place to ensure that level of user convenience and enabled actual competition?

Its frustrating. I spent a while trying to help my mother get set up with some generic bluetooth headphones with her iPhone and iPad, and the difference in finnickiness is just staggering.

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