Easing In to Mornings

Monday mornings are rough and made worse by getting spun back up on everything I was doing last week and getting out of the whole “weekend context” or mindset or whatever you wanna call it.

In an attempt to lessen the impact of the first day of the work week, I'm trying to take a big of a slower approach to getting set up in the morning. Quite literally taking things one step at a time: just opening one application or website, catching up on that stuff, taking a sip of coffee and looking out the window for a moment, then moving on to the next.

Doing this instead of opening up everything and diving into the barrage of missed messages and whatnot has made for a much nicer way to get started in the morning.

Anyway, good morning. This was a stop along my way.

Time for a sip of coffee.

Also, abolish the 40 hour workweek.

#work #personal