A few changes

Hello world

I wanted to write up a quick post to formalize a few things. Recently, I've been leaning into a more structured (if you can call it that) content cycle; posting a mid-morning news recap show alongside a blog with similar content. I've been really enjoying this format, and I've been getting a lot of positive feedback about it. My intent is to continue to improve and grow this format while still posting a bit more laid back content like gaming and random skits.

However, I have recently found myself stretched far too thin. I definitely have over-committed, and it has been taking a toll. It's honestly disappointing and irritating more than anything else. All I want to do is make fun stuff for y'all, but I have many other obligations at this time. I've mentioned before that this is not my full time gig, and while my north star currently is to move towards a world where that is possible, I still need to keep the lights on.

So in the immediate term, I plan to make a few changes to help make my content schedule more manageable in the long term.

Podcast from a Desk in the Astral Realm

I've been really enjoying having some great discussions with folks on Podcast from a Desk in the Astral Realm, and I am overjoyed with the number of folks who have reached out to come on the show. It's truly humbling. However, managing scheduling and setting aside time to conduct the interviews themselves has proven to be just a bit too much for my schedule at this time.

So for the time being, I will be hitting pause on the podcast. My hope is to keep meeting up with interesting folks here and there—in which case I will post our discussions to the podcast—but I can not commit to a release schedule for the time being.

But Perhaps another?

Though I plan to hit pause on one podcast, I am in the early stages of “launching” another. As I have been working on this new daily update format, I have noted that it could be additionally released as its own podcast. This would take relatively minimal effort, as I would likey be posting the audio from the daily video posts with a few alterations. So if you're more of a listener type, perhaps that would be the best way to get your morning hysteria- I mean uh, news.

No formal date or announcement there yet though. But will alert when I do.

Moving to Ko-fi

I have mentioned this elsewhere, but I have moved over to Ko-fi back from Patreon. Patreon is just too poor of an experience these days, and the company is uh… not super wonderful to begin with. Ko-fi is far more flexible and enjoyable to use, and I'm hoping to post new and interesting content there. If you want to help me on my journey to becoming independent and making great stuff for folks, that is the most direct way to support me! And thank you!

Eternal thanks for the support so far. As I settle in to my new content schedule, I am hoping that things will normalize a bit. For now, I am getting a handle on things, and hope to continue to improve.

Thanks, and be well. Endeavorance