What is “RTFM”, and why telling Linux newbies this “advice” simply sucks

!! CONTENT WARNING: Cursing !!


In the title, I use “advice” as a stretch of the definition. RTFM, or “Read the Friendly/Fucking Manual” is an unfortunately common response to many Linux newbies asking questions anywhere from forums to a friend on Discord. This “advice” sucks, as newbies will often expect a good explanation as to what the hell to do; maybe even a part of the solution and a link to where to find that advice commonly. I personally have begun a practice wherein if someone asks me for advice that could be responded to with an “RTFM”, I will instead give a small sentence and a reference link/file to the requested advice if I can find it.

Additionally, most Linux commands posses a '-h', '—help', or (not common) '–?' flag for a help page.

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