Lua, and my love-hate relationship with ComputerCraft's libraries and programs; why docs should be easy to read

I love Lua. It's the main language I know. That is, when it comes to the Minecraft mod ComputerCraft:Tweaked's CraftOS 1.8. For those unaware, ComputerCraft, and by extentsion ComputerCraft:Tweaked (Here on out referred to as CC and CC:T respectively) is a Minecraft mod that adds computers to the game, programmable with the Lua scripting language.

The reason it's a love-hate relationship is because sometimes the errors make no sense at all. When trying to loop over what should be a table, and getting the error “Expected table: got nil”, but when I print the ““nil”” value, it says it's a table outright. It's so confusing all the time. Thankfully I have Jeremy- my debugging ducky friend- to help sometimes.

But when Jeremy fails to help, I still pay him with a few little cracker crumbs and go to the CC:T wiki to look at the documentation, but it ends up making no sense at all. It's like trying to decipher assembly code, virtually impossible unless you can memorize assembly perfectly.

All in all, Lua and CC:T is a love-hate relationship, and make docs human-readable, dammit!

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